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BNEC Debate Scrabble Open

BNEC Debate Scrabble Open BNEC Debate Scrabble Open (BDSO) is the combination of two tournaments held annually by BNEC. For the past few years, it was known as BNEC Scrabble Open (BSO) and BINUS Pro Ams. The Scrabble Open has successfully gathered many participants from various cities and giving them a great platform to be a better Scrabble player for the upcoming tournaments. The Debate Pro Ams, on the other hand, was made in order to be the place in which debaters from various cities and different backgrounds can meet to clash their arguments in a heated yet excellent debate, hence preparing them for more heated competitions in the future. Together, both of these amazing tournaments merge to be their very first, BNEC Debate Scrabble Open 2016!

BINUS English Club

BINUS English Club (BNEC) is an English-based student organization established in BINUS University, Jakarta. In 1992, deriving from a passion for English language and the realization that it is a critical language for everyone to learn and master (especially for BINUS students), a group of people established BNEC. To improve its member English skills, BNEC provides several classes, which are TOEFL, Debate, Scrabble, and Public Speaking & Performance. Growing further as a student club, BNEC had achieved the title Best Student Organization in BINUS for four times and gained lots of achievements and international acknowledgement. Besides holding the title from Guinness World Records for “most people doing crossword simultaneously “, this organization had also been known to annually organize Asian English Olympics that involve more than 500 students from countries across Asia.

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